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Math. Paris. Will/may host stuffs.

Canary is updated every month, starting on 2021-01-19.


I hate discrete and uncontinuous things since young, but still have to do them intermittently.


My personal email address is


I have both online and offline keys.

I use a Nitrokey to store my offline ECC keys. I don't trust NIST so opted for Brainpool. It is a pity that neither 25519 nor 41417 is supported by Nitro.

pub   ed25519 2020-06-21 [C]
uid           [ultimate] Songbo Wang 
uid           [ultimate] Songbo Wang 
uid           [ultimate] Songbo Wang 
sub   ed25519 2020-06-21 [A] [expires: 2021-06-21]
sub   ed25519 2020-06-21 [S] [expires: 2021-06-21]
sub   cv25519 2020-06-21 [E] [expires: 2021-06-21]

pub   brainpoolP512r1 2020-12-19 [SC] [expires: 2021-03-21]
uid           [ultimate] Songbo Wang (offline) 
sub   brainpoolP512r1 2020-12-19 [A] [expires: 2021-03-21]
sub   brainpoolP512r1 2020-12-19 [E] [expires: 2021-03-21]

Stuffs I host

I promise to respect your privacy, but cannot say the same thing for my hosting providers or your ISP.


Searx is a metasearch engine designed for privacy protection. It searches for you using various search engines and aggregates the result so some of your personal information may not be exposed.

My instance is I don't guarantee any up time for now. Visit to get a list of public searx instances.


The instance is not entirely mine, and is not open for registration (unless I know you in some sort). Still you can follow me anywhere from the Fediverse.


I host an RSS generator, RSSHub, and an RSS reader, Miniflux.

Last updated on 2021-01-20.